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22 Designs - Hammerhead Binding

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The cable guides from last year with the easier-to-adjust buttons with dimples have slightly stiffened springs.

The cable guides from last year with the easier-to-adjust buttons with dimples have slightly stiffened springs.The unmatched power and versatility of the HammerHead is due to the adjustable underfoot cable routing, the large toepiece with long wings that contacts the full length of the duckbill, and the long smooth spring travel.The adjustable cable guides allow the binding to be optimized for any skier's preference. Whether neutral or active, the HammerHead will deliver a smooth, solid ride on any ski. To control today's bigger, heavier skis, you need a binding like the HammerHead.The cable guides can be moved forward or removed for long uphill treks and popped back in for downhill performance in all snow conditions, even with lighter boots.The HammerHead is built to stand up to today's hard skiing telemarkers. Ski it with confidence knowing that it won't leave you stranded in the backcountry; no repair kit required.


  • Five dramatically different cable guide positions. Optimize your bindings for your skiing style and snow conditions and make long tours a breeze.
  • Cables routed underfoot for maximum control; plastic boots finally flex at the bellows instead of tip-toeing.
  • The spring-loaded HammerHeel is the easiest to use climber available; flip it up or down with your pole's basket.
  • Climbing bails available in 3 different sizes.
  • Plastic boot rocker launch greatly reduced.
  • Strong, durable 2000 lb test cable.
  • One-piece toeplate construction - no welds, no rivets, no double mount; makes for a bomb- proof binding.
  • Over 2 inches of spring travel for smooth action and durability.
  • Super easy, one-size-fits-all, no-tool size adjustment.
  • Unique heel throw for easy entry and greatly variable cable tension.
  • Ultra-secure mounting pattern.
  • Two year Warranty.
  • 100% Made in USA.