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Arctic Wings

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A Buff-breasted sandpiper running along a barrier beach in the Carolinas is only mid-way in an annual journey of incredible magnitude-one that takes it from its nesting ground in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to its winter quarters on the pampas of South America. The Yellow wagtail begins life in a willow thicket in the Arctic but winters in Indonesia, where its return each year signals rice farmers to begin their spring planting. The ecosystems of the world are linked by birds, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Arctic Refuge, where more than 180 species converge from six continents and all fifty states to nest and rear their young. The unique habitats of the Arctic Refuge and the intense Arctic summer produce a rich diet that makes the incredible migrations worthwhile. The book is packaged with a 60-minute CD of bird songs recorded in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by Martyn Stewart of This recording includes individual species tracks in the foreground over layers of ambient background sounds, with the option to search for your favorite birds by numbered track.

  • 200 color photos from award-winning nature photographers Subhankar Banerjee, Michio Hoshino, Steven Kazlowski, Arthur Morris, Hugh Rose, and Mark Wilson
  • Essays/text contributions by noted writers, biologists, and conservationists including David Allen Sibley, Debbie Miller, Kenn Kaufmann, and President Jimmy Carter
  • Life histories of individual bird species from every major group including shorebirds, songbirds, and raptors plus dramatic stories of migration and strategies for survival
  • Includes 60-minute CD of bird songs recorded in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge by Martyn Stewart of

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Author Stephen C. Brown & Jimmy Carter