Badger - Sleep Balm Badger

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Badger - Sleep Balm Badger

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Sleep Balm was an accidental discovery! I wanted to make a "Sore Mind Balm", one that would clear your thoughts in the middle of the day. But everyone I gave samples to came back saying, "Hey, this really helps me sleep." At first I thought it was a failed experiment! Now I know it to have been a fantastic lucky break. One that continues to help people get a refreshing night's sleep on a regular basis.

Most people can't sleep when their minds are overactive. Our Sleep Balm doesn't make you sleepy: The aroma actually clears your thoughts and eases your mind. Then you fall asleep naturally. It's a wonderful aid and really works! You could look it up.

Although I generally sleep just fine, I always take a tin with me when I travel. I actually use the Sleep Balm in my nose. It keeps the nasal passages moisturized in those dry hotel rooms. The recommended use is to rub a little on lips, pulse points of wrists or temples or massage a little on neck & shoulders. Sleep Balm is also a great way to help kids have a calm night's sleep. The smallest amount... just a dab, might help baby calm down.

For me, just looking at the tin makes me sleepy.


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