Bending Branches - BB Special Performance Canoe Paddle

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Bending Branches - BB Special Performance Canoe Paddle
size chart
Canoe Paddle Sizing Chart
Torso Size Straight Shaft Canoe Paddle Length Bent Shaft Canoe Paddle Length
20" Youth 36" N/A
22" Youth 42" N/A
24" Youth 48" N/A
26" 51" or 52" 48"
28" 54" 50"
30" 56" or 57" 52"
32" 57" or 58" 54"
34" 60" 56"
36" 62" N/A
38" 64" N/A

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Stock #: A2BP- Cosmetic Blemish

The BB Special has a bent shaft for a more efficient paddle stroke on flat water, letting you go further with less muscle fatigue. This paddle has a seven-laminate blade that is handcrafted of basswood, maple and red alder, and is made entirely in Osceola, Wisconsin. For added durability, the BB Special blade also has Bending Branches’ Rockgard® edge protection.

Some of the most experienced paddlers find that the BB Special bent shaft wood canoe paddle has flat water cruising performance at an unbeatable price.

Note: This paddle is cosmetically blemished, which is why we can sell it for such a low price! This blemish in no way affects the paddle's durability or functionality. Call our customer service line at 888-547-4327 or drop into a live chat with one of our customer service specialists for more info.



  • Size: 8.1 x 19 in.
  • Surface area: 118 sq. in.
  • Materials: Basswood, Red Alder, Maple
  • Partial Rockgard® 


  • Shaft: 11° Bent
  • Material: 18 Laminate Basswood
  • Features: Ovalized for Comfort


  • Classic Palm Grip


  • Weight: 22 oz.
  • Weight variation: Due to the varied density of wood, all canoe paddles could have a +/– 10% variance in weight. Paddle weight is based on 54 inch measurements for straight shafts and 50 inch measurements for bent shafts.
  • Extra comfortable grip.

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