Bike Services

We offer a full range of bike tuning, repair, and suspension services, including full, in-house Fox suspension services, on all styles of bicycle in our brick and mortar shop, The Outdoor Gear Exchange.

Our service department offers fast, professional service in a welcoming environment. Our knowledgeable techs are always available to talk to you about your equipment in the shop or over the phone. No appointments necessary; simply swing by the shop with your bike and we’ll help you out! 

A selection of our range of bike services is outlined below. To get a quote for a specific repair or to speak to one of our techs, give us a call at 888-547-4327.

Bike Tunes

Standard Tune ($59) - Includes all your basic adjustments. We true the wheels, adjust the shifting, adjust the brakes, adjust any bearings that can be adjusted (headset, bottom bracket, and hubs), clean and polish the frame and lube the chain. In addition to all these adjustments, we also check the torque specs on all the bolts/fasteners and perform a "safety shakedown." 

Full Tune ($119) - Includes all the services of the Standard Tune plus ultrasonic drivetrain cleaning and cable/housing overhaul (brakes and shifters.)

Premier MTB Tune ($179) - Includes all the services of the Full Tune plus two hydraulic services (Brake Bleed, Fork Oil Change, or Air Can Service)

Premier Road Tune ($179) - Includes all the services of the Full Tune plus a full re-grease (hubs, bottom bracket, headset, seat post, quick releases.)

Suspension Services

Fork Oil Change (Lower leg service) $35
Wiper Seal Install (+ Oil change/parts) $10
Air Spring Service (+ Oil change/parts) $30-$60
Damper Service (+ Oil change/parts) $30-$60
Slider Bushing Install (+ Oil change/parts) $30
Air Can Service (+ Parts) $45
Rear Shock Overhaul & Nitro (+ parts) $100
Eyelet Bushing Install (Including parts) $15
Linkage Service (+ parts) $60
Dropper Post Service (+ parts) $30-$60
Fork Install (Cut Steerer/Set nut) $30

Accessory Installs

Fender Install (Set) $15-25
Rack Install $10-20
Computer Install $10-20
Kickstand Install $8

We offer 10% off of labor/installation of any parts or accessories purchased from us.

Drivetrain Services

Shifting Adjustment $10/1, $15/2
Derailleur Hanger Alignment $10
Shift Cable Install (+ Parts) $15/1, $20/2
Shift Cable/Housing Install (+ Parts) $20/1, $30/2
Internal Cable Install (+ Parts) $20/1, $30/2
Shift Cable (Part) $1.20
Shift Cable /ft (Part) $0.80
Chain Install $7
Cassette Install $15
Freewheel Install $13
Derailleur Install $20
Derailleur Hanger Install $15
Shifter Install $20/1, $35/2
Crank Install $15
Chainring Install $15
Freehub Body Install $20
Ultrasonic Cleaning (Chain/Cassette/CR) $50

Brake Services

Brake Adjustment $10/1, $15/2
Brake Pad Install & Adjust $15/1, $20/2
Brake Cable Install (+ Parts) $15/1, $20/2
Brake Cable/Housing Install (+ Parts) $20/1, $30/2
Internal Cable Install (+ Parts) $20/1, $30/2
Brake Cable Road (Part) $1.60
Brake Cable Mountain (Part) $1.60
Brake Housing /ft (Part) $0.40
Brake Bleed $25/1, $40/2
Brakeset Install $20/1, $35/2
Cross Lever Install $35
Disc Rotor Install $8
Disc Rotor True $12

Wheel Services

Flat Tire Repair (+ Cost of tube) $10/1, $15/2
Tire Install $10/1, $15/2
Cloth Rim Strip (Part) $5
Rubber Rim Strip (Part) $1.50
Tubeless Conversion (Tubeless ready only) $25/1, $40/2
Wheel True (Labor dependent) $15-$40
Spoke Replacement (+ Wheel true) $15-$40
Wheel Build (+ Parts) $70

Cockpit Services

Handlebar Wrap (+ Cost of tape) $10
Stem Install $10
Handlebar Install $20
Saddle Install $6
Seatpost Install $5
Dropper Post Install $30
Pedal Install $5

Bearing Services

Bottom Bracket Install $25
Bottom Bracket Adjustment $15
Bottom Bracket Service $25
Headset Adjustment $10
Headset Service (Adjust + Grease) $20
Headset Install $30
Hub Adjustment $15
Hub Service (Adjustment + Grease) $20
Hub Overhaul (Service + New BB's) $35

Frame Prep Services

Bottom Bracket Shell Taping $30
Bottom Bracket Shell Facing $30
Headtube Facing $30

Miscellaneous Services & Items

Bike Build From Box $60
Bike Pack (+ Shipping) $50
Shift Cable (Part) $1.20
Brake Cable (Road) $1.60
Brake Cable (Mountain) $1.60
Shift House /ft $0.80
Cable House /ft $0.40