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Black Diamond - Eldorado Tent

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When you're spending a night high up on the side of some steep, glaciated peak, a few things become clear when it comes to tent selection. One, there aren't a lot of nice-and-easy flat spots to pitch a tent on way up there. And two, carrying a heavy tent on your back when you've been supporting yourself on the front points of your crampons all day isn't any fun at all. So when you leave the comforts of your big base camp tent behind and enter the vertical world, you need a tent that's lightweight, compact, and still able to withstand sudden storms. The Black Diamond Eldorado is just that kind of shelter.

The Eldorado is a single-wall design made of waterproof/breathable ToddTex fabric. It saves a lot of weight compared to a double-wall design with a separate rainfly, and it's right at home in high, cold places where there isn't a lot of humidity. While its high strength-to-weight ratio might tempt you to bring it along on every adventure, remember that it's designed for a particular environment, and that using it in warmer, wetter places may result in excessive condensation forming on the inside of the tent's walls.

The Eldorado's two poles are pitched inside the tent rather than outside, making for a drum-tight tent body that's very stable and won't flap in the wind. A real blessing when you're trying to sleep before or after a hard ascent. Its compact size makes it easier to fit on small ledges, and although it's not exactly a palace inside, it's enough to see you and your partner through the night until the start of your pre-dawn summit push.

The Eldorado is altogether similar to the Black Diamond I-Tent, but it's 5 inches longer and 3 inches wider to accomodate taller climbers and extra gear storage.

We sell a version of the Eldorado made with a fire-retardant fabric that satisfies the requirements of certain U.S. states and Canada. It is by no means a fireproof tent, however, so you should still use extreme caution when cooking or otherwise using fire in the vicinity of the tent.

Any trip that calls for an Eldorado is bound to be hard, but hopefully the money you're saving with us here makes it a little bit easier.


  • Two-person spacious version of I-Tent; 13 cm (5 in) longer and 8 cm (3 in) wider
  • Two internal aluminum poles for easy setup
  • Two zippered vents at the peak, a hooded vent over the door and one at the bottom
  • Single door entry and optional vestibule for gear storage
  • ToddTex single-wall fabric
  • Optional ground cloth available


  • Series : Bibler Series
  • Season : 4
  • Capacity : 2
  • Doors : 1
  • Average Packed Weight : 2.3 kg (5 lb 1 oz)
  • Minimum Weight : 2.04 kg (4 lb 8 oz)
  • Dimensions : 221 x 130 x 130 x 109 cm (87 x 51 x 51 x 43 in)
  • Area : 2.9 m² (30.8 sq ft)
  • Packed Size : 18 x 48 cm (7 x 19 in)

Additional Information

Shelter Type Freestanding Tent, Single Wall Tent
Capacity 2 person
Season 4 season
Doors 1 Door
Floor Area 2.9 m²; 30.8 sq ft
Vestibule Area Optional vestibule sold separately adds 0.8 m², 9 sq ft
Floor Dimensions 221 x 130 x 130 x 109 cm
87 x 51 x 51
Peak Height 109 cm / 43 in
Number of Poles 2
Pole Material Aluminum
Packaged Weight 2.3 kg; 5 lb 1 oz
Packed Size 18 x 48 cm; 7 x 19 in


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