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Black Diamond - OGE Homebrew Ascension Clipfix Skins

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Black Diamond - OGE Homebrew Ascension Clipfix Skins

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Stock #: 675M- Cosmetic Blemish

You know that we're always trying to bring you the best deals here at GearX.com, so here's our latest creation: Black Diamond Ascension STS Nylon Skins hand-assembled for you by our ski manager, Jake Evans. They're functionally identical to the Ascension skins you can buy elsewhere, but you save a bunch of money this way.

Since these are lovingly assembled by man, and not machine, they may have slight blemishes or imperfections. We guarantee, however, that they will be functionally perfect for you. Each set of skins includes everything you might need to use them, including long skins of the given width, cheat sheet, skin trimming tool, stuff sack, adjustable Clipfix tail clip (attached), and toe loops (that will need to be attached by you once the skin is cut to length).

So, start saving, and then start skinning!

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