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Black Diamond - Tempest Fire Retardant Tent

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The word "tempest" refers to a violent windstorm, often accompanied by rain, snow, or hail. This alone should give you a good idea of what the Black Diamond Tempest tent is intended for. The Tempest is a four-pole, single-wall mountaineering tent with built-in vestibules, designed to withstand the worst sort of weather, like the kind of multi-day Alaskan blizzards you read about in magazines. Or maybe you know them first-hand. If so, we salute you.

The Tempest is the most livable of the two-person Black Diamond single-wall tents, which range from the tiny Firstlight to the bombproof Fitzroy, thanks to its increased headroom (44.5 inches) and its two integrated vestibules, which leave more of the inner tent space available to you since your gear can stay outside. The single-walled, internal-pole design saves a lot of weight compared to double-walled designs with a separate rainfly, and performs best in high, cold places where there isn't a lot of humidity. Using the tent in warmer, wetter climates may result in excessive condensation buildup; the ToddTex fabric is breathable, of course, but no fabric is a "silver bullet" when it comes to condensation.

When you do find yourself inside your Tempest tent during a real tempest, you'll appreciate the peace and quiet that comes from having a drum-tight pitch and no rainfly, since there is less material to flap around and keep you up at night. Weathering a nasty storm is hard enough as it is, so getting good sleep is important. 

This particular version of the Tempest is made from a fire-retardant fabric that meets the requirements of certain U.S. states and Canada. It's by no means fireproof, however, so don't go firing up your liquid-fueled expedition stove in the vestibule, and use extreme caution whenever you are using fire in the vicinity of the tent. 

We're pleased to bring you this very capable tent at such a low price, and we wish you luck in weathering whatever tempests it shelters you from.

Additional Information

Shelter Type Single Wall Tent
Capacity 2 person
Season 4 season
Doors 2 Door
Floor Area 3 m²; 32.25 sq ft
Vestibule Area 1.1 + .19 m²; 12 + 2 sq ft
Floor Dimensions 221 x 147 x 119 cm; 87 x 58 x 47 in
Peak Height 113 cm; 44.5 in
Number of Poles 4
Pole Material Aluminum
Packaged Weight 3.26 kg; 7 lb 3 oz
Trail Weight 2.84 kg; 6 lb 4 oz
Packed Size 18 x 48 cm; 7 x 19 in
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