What is a DIN Setting?

No, DIN is not a word for a lot of noise. It's an acronym, one that stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, or, the German Institute for Standardization. This is an industry wide scale of release force for ski bindings.

To help reduce the risk of injury, ski bindings are designed to release in the event of a fall. The DIN setting, which will be configured for you by a qualified ski tech at your local ski shop, is based on your height, weight, ability level, and boot sole length.

The lower your DIN level is set to, the sooner your bindings will release when force is applied to them. Therefore, if you are an aggressive, expert skier, your DIN setting should be relatively high to prevent premature release. Check out the chart below to see what your appropriate DIN range should be, but an important note to consider:

This chart is for reference purposes only, and DIN settings are meant to be precisely calibrated by a qualified ski tech.

DIN Setting Chart