Do You Worship The Bean? Brew It Up In The Backcountry

Overnighting it in the woods and a steamin’ cup of joe are not mutually exclusive.

We have a variety of French Presses and other coffee parephenalia to suit your caffeinated needs. Planetary designs Double Shot 2.1 is a 14 oz. mug with French Press lid, and a handy screw on bottom to hold ground coffee. Cooking with a Jetboil? Get the Coffee Press adapter. Looking for a way to impress your backcountry date? Whip out the GSI mini espresso maker apres macaroni and cheese. The minimalists amongst us love the MSR Mugmate. It’s a filter that sits in any travel mug and works for both coffee and tea brewers.

Sierra Designs has crafted a solution for those who literally can’t get out of bed before they finish their brew. It’s a two pack of travel mug sizedĀ hanging coffee slings that practically guarantee that you won’t dump your drink on your sleeping bag. Person to make and deliver the coffee not included.

Whether you’re pulling the perfect campsite espresso or adding water to a packet of Starbucks Via Italian Roast, you’ll need a stove. The Snowpeak Gigapower with Piezo boils has 10,000 BTUs of cooking power, so boils water fast, works with any pot, and packs up smaller than a pack of cards.

When one cup isn’t enough, pour your brew in a thermos and take it on the trail. We recommend the OGE/ logoed Liquid Solutions Bullet. It holds 18 ounces, and lets people know where your loyalties lie.

So, stop reading and start brewing!


Published:May 25, 2011

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