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Astral PFDs Now @ Outdoor Gear Exchange and

We’re bringing in new brands now that we have more space, and Astral Buoyancy has been on our list of top priorities for a while. Astral PFDs are simply the best on numerous fronts. They have exceptional design, standard setting green practices, and the folks who run the company are just really down to earth. Philip Curry, Astral’s founder, is responsible for most of the innovations used in modern day PFD technology, from pioneering the use of Cordura in 1993 to most recently introducing Airescape breathable technology. Curry is a forward thinker and a compassionate businessman who contemplates the global impacts of Astral and seeks to rid the world of toxic raw materials. Remember Lotus Designs which was purchased by Patagonia? That was Philip.

We’re carrying four Astral PFDs, which are all currently 15% off.  The Nova is a staff favorite, lightweight and ventilating, perfect for kayak fishing, touring and general recreation. It’s uber comfy thanks to a super thin back that is compatible with all seats, and open mesh for maximum air flow. Check out the full selection in the shop, or at


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Published:May 28, 2011

Gear Head

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