Outdoor Gear Exchange Teams Up With Prana To Eliminate Bags

Outdoor Gear Exchange, one of Prana’s original Green Energy partners, has teamed up with Prana on an experiment–to ship clothing from factory to retailer without plastic bags.

When clothing is shipped from the factory to the manufacturer’s warehouse to a retailer, it’s shipped in a lot of plastic. Every cami, pair of yoga pants, hat, glove, is in its own plastic bag, and often each half dozen of an item will be in an additional plastic bag. It’s something that we’ve been complaining about to our manufacturers forever.

Prana is trying out a plastic-bag free shipping system with a very few select retailers (including Outdoor Gear Exchange). They’re gonna ship up clothing without all the garbage, and we’re gonna let them know if it arrived in good condition without the bags.¬†

It sounds like shipping without plastic bags should be a no brainer. But some retailers, including Patagonia, still ship in plastic because they say that in transit, clothing can get soiled. 

We’ll be sure to post an update here once the next shipment comes in. We’re all about reducing waste and being green at Outdoor Gear Exchange/gearX.com, where you can find a full selection of Prana clothing and accessories¬†


Published:June 8, 2012

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