Paddleboard Season is In Full Swing

 …And Outdoor Gear Exchange has its paddling department fully stocked with Boards from KM Hawaii, Doyle, and Boardworks.

Boardworks offers several traditional surf-style planing boards:

  • The EPX SUP is a solid and stable board of traditional construction with a medium rocker and is suitable for flatwater or surf.  Great for any level paddler looking to paddle on lakes, slow moving rivers, coastal waterways, or in active surf.  It is available in 10’6″, 11′, and 12′ models.
  • The Joy Ride is extra wide for added stability for new paddlers or on-water yoga practice.  A wider build and less rocker adds stability and also allows a shorter board than with a traditional design.  A full foam pad on top (not a tradition foam top) helps for those doing yoga in their board.  Available in 8’11”, 9’11”, and 10’11” sizes.  The smaller board will fit in most full sized SUVs without use of a rack.
  • The Raven is a beefy displacement hull board great for touring.  The fore-deck is bamboo as is the deck below the pad.  This board is only available in 12’6″ currently – great for an intermediate or advanced paddler considering some racing along with longer recreational tours.

KM Hawaii just delivered their boards and they are beautiful

  • The Maui Cruiser is a traditional layup board with a full length foam pad along the top.  This board is a great beginner board that will allow any paddler to get going quickly and stick with the board as they become a more accomplished paddler – available in 10’6″ and 11’0″ sizes.  Comes complete with an adjustable paddle.
  • The Bamboo Cruiser is the same shap as the Maui cruiser but with a lighter layup.  The Bamboo or PVC deck adds strength and reduces weight over the Maui Cruiser.  This board is available in Bamboo in 10’6″ or 11’0″ (with lush bottom colors) or hot orange PVC in 11’6″ – This is the OGE staff favorite.
  • The WB Touring board is a wide body displacement hullboard that will offer effortless touring and handle a larger paddler as well.  The hull design of all KM’s race/tour displacement boards provides near effortless water release at the tail for better glide and faster paddling.  This board is available in a 12’6″ model only.
  • The Carbon Race board is a little narrower than the tour board with considerably less volume and is ridiculously light weight.  This board is built for speed and tracking but is also really stable.  Built for the intermediate to expert paddler looking to go fast and straight and sees value in a lightweight well designed racing machine.  This board is available in 12’6″ and 14’0″ and is the Paddle department’s new board of choice.

Doyle is in their second year with OGE and offers a solid board at a great price

  • The Beefy D is a foam-top 11′ board with a full bumper wrap for additional durability.  These boards are featured in OGE’s rental fleet and offer a lot of floatation for paddlers of any size.  A little heavier than non-foam top models these boards are the economy board of our fleet.
  • The DOYLE SUP is a traditional layup board with a medium rocker at home in lakes or the surf – a great choice for someone getting started and interested in a durable and versatile board.
  • The EXPEDITION SUP is a lower rocker board that will track well and is great for longer tours.  With less rocker it will cut better through waves and into the wind than a traditional rocker board and offer a truly stable ride.
  • The 12’6 RT is a displacement hull board that will be stable in all conditions and for paddlers of all sizes.  A stable ride for your longest tours.

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Published:June 15, 2012

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