September’s Nickel Bag Donation

Congratulations to Rozalia Project, last month’s recipient of our Nickel Bag Donation! Nickel Bag is a program to encourage the customers who shop with us to not take a shopping bag. For every bag saved we donate a nickel to an environmental based nonprofit, last month was Rozalia Project. We were about to save 4,182 shopping bags, resulting in a $209.10 donation. 

“Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean’s mission is to find and remove debris, from the surface to the sea floor, through action, technology, outreach and research.” 

Rozalia Project is a unique action based organization that actually takes trash and debris out of the water instead of just pointing at it. They use underwater robots (ROVs) and sonar technology to identify and remove the marine debris. This proactive group works with stakeholders in local communities such as fisherman, sailors, boaters, and more to help clean up and forward solutions to the problem of marine debris.


Published:October 5, 2012

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