Trip Report: A Birthday Hike

A view from the top


One of our fine OGE employees recently celebrated another year of being alive on this great planet. Heather has been with OGE for about a year now and to celebrate her birthday, she went for a hike up Mount Mansfield. For those of you unfamiliar, Mount Mansfield is the highest peak in Vermont. The west face of the mountain is littered with great hiking trails and GMC huts for overnight visits.

Heather took the Laura Cowles trail up on a beautiful fall day. The skies were crystal clear while the air was cool and crisp, perfect for a nice day hike. Only minutes after starting the hike, Heather noticed small amounts of snow on the trail, which only increased the further along she got. 

The more elevation she gained, the more snow and ice she saw. On the steeper, more icy sections, Heather said she would have benefitted from a pair of winter traction devices and trekking poles. She found herself using extra caution as to not loose her footing on slippery terrain. Overall it was a great hike up and the Laura Cowles trail wasn’t crowded at all.

Snow Covered Trees

Once on the summit the wind picked and the crowds of people increased. But she was rewarded with tremendous views and could clearly see Whiteface Mountain in the distance. After talking to a few folks about trail conditions she decided to take the Sunset Ridge Trail down. This trail was much more muddy and far less snowy then the Laura Cowles.

Overall it was a great day and an even better hike. Happy birthday Heather!

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Published:October 17, 2012

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