Hand Knit Hats From Nepal

These hand knit hats from Nepal are part of Ambler’s Himalayan¬†Collection. We have a wide variety for sale at Outdoor Gear Exchange or online at GearX.com. The Himalayan Collection combines hand-knit quality, 100% natural wool fibers, and a production model that supports women in developing countries. Every hat in the collection is handmade in Nepal by a woman working from her own home.

Working from home enables the women to raise their children, maintain the household, and stay in their communities while still providing additional income for their families. They are paid per hat they knit, which allows them to work as much or as little as they desire at a pace that fits in with their family and community needs.

Once the hats are knit, they are sent to Ambler’s production partner, Everest Fashion. Everest Fashion ads the poms and felt features, sews the fleece linings and attaches labels. The hats are then shipped out to Canada and the United States for sale.¬†

Ambler has this to say about the program:

“As we continue to invest our business in Nepal, we also want to grow the social and economic initiatives that we’ve begun. Our desire is for more women in Nepal to learn a skilled trade so that they can have safe and sustainable employment in an economy that offers too few of those opportunities… As a small, family operated business, it is important to us to empower and give back to the people and communities with whom we work.”


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Published:October 22, 2012


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