Trip Report: Skiing in a Hurricane!

“Skiing in a hurricane” is a phrase you don’t hear too often. In fact, I never really considered in until Hurricane Sandy came on the radar.

Not too long ago Hurricane Sandy was wreaking havoc on the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. Many parts of New York City experienced serious flooding and damage. This was the worst thing to happen to the Jersey Shore since MTV decided to make a Reality TV Show there. 

Meanwhile, something special was happening in West Virginia. Sandy was dumping hurricane style pow in the Appalachians – for sustained periods of time. There was no way our backcountry expert, Jake, and the Famous Internet Skiers were going to miss out on pow skiing during a hurricane in West Virginia! How many times can you say you’ve done that?

Do you think driving 12 hours through a hurricane from Burlington, VT to West Virginia for some hurricane pow on Halloween is extreme? Hell yes!

Do you think it was worth every second? Hell yes!

Here are some photos from one awesome hurricane ski trip. Check out Famous Internet Skiers for more photos and full account of their adventure.




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Published:November 6, 2012

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