Happy Earth Day 2013!

Happy Earth Day 2013! What started as a small movement in the US in 1970 has since grown into a worldwide fight for a clean and sustainable environment.

Earth Day is kind of a big deal. People across the world, in 192 countries, are participating in environmental conservation efforts. Fundraisers, clean-ups, peaceful protests, discussion and information groups – you name, there is something being done.

This is just another day in the life at the Outdoor Gear Exchange/GearX.com. Part of our philosophy is to practice responsible environmental stewardship year-round. This philosophy has influenced many of our day-to-day functions on an individual level as well as shaping our store policies.

Year-round Earth Day Efforts at Outdoor Gear Exchange

bike rack - earth day 2013An overwhelming majority of our staff members walk, run, or ride bikes to work. Outdoor Gear Exchange has embraced this by supplying storage space for 20 bicycles and has plans to add at least 10 more in the near future. This mindset is reflective, not just our staff, but the general population in Burlington, VT. With a young, active population the preferred method of transportation in Burlington is on two-wheels, not four.

Around the shop you can see environmental conscious efforts manifesting everywhere you look. All the cleaning supplies we use here are environmental friendly – from hand soap to toilet bowl cleaner. All paper towels and toilet paper used in the store are made from post consumer recycled paper.

I’m willing to bet there are more recycling bins around the shop than trash cans + we keep food scraps from rotting in the garbage by keeping a compost bin in our break room.

Each month an environmental based non-profit is the beneficiary of our Nickel Bag Program. Each customer that shops with us has the option to take a shopping bag or not. For every person that doesn’t take a shopping bag, we donate 5¢ to a local environmental based non-profit. In 2012 we saved about 60,000 plastic bags donated about $3,000.

This is just a part of the environmental practices that have become a part of our daily lives and functions here at Outdoor Gear Exchange. Stay tuned for more to come this week about other environmental efforts undertaken at Outdoor Gear Exchange/GearX.com.


Published:April 22, 2013

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