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As promised, we’re are continuing the Earth Day theme today. Yesterday we talked about ongoing environmental efforts that take place here in our physical retail store. Some highlights to take away are embracing our cyclist commuters, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, recycled toilet paper, paper towels, and receipt paper, our nickel bag programs, composting, and more.

Let’s take a look at the Earth Day initiatives going on behind the scenes in our web shipping department for

First and foremost, we have a cardboard recycling program that has gained regional attention. Yesterday, New England Cable News did a feature story about our cardboard recycling program and the bigger impact on local businesses and Burlington as a whole.

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The program is simple. We try to send as many outgoing shipments in reused cardboard boxes instead of buying new ones that will just end up being recycled or thrown away. The program began by using boxes we receive our vendor shipments from. As our web sales continued to grow, we had to reconsider our options. So, we turned to our neighbors.

Friendly web shippers from make weekly trips to other local businesses to collect the cardboard boxes they set aside for recycling. It’s a win-win for all involved. We get to ship out orders in reused boxes and we save our neighboring businesses the hassle and expense involved in paying someone to collect their cardboard recycling.

Check out New England Cables News’ article for a full report on the impact our cardboard box program has had.

In addition to the cardboard boxes, we have streamlined our invoicing and order pick sheets to reduce our paper consumption as well. By redesigning our systems and reprogramming how our order pick sheets and customer invoices printing, we were able to reduce consumptions of 8.5×11 paper by 75%!



Published:April 23, 2013

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