Peregrine Falcon Climbing Cliff Closures



There are two things you can almost certainly guarantee this time of the year in Vermont. The first is mud season. The second is Peregrine Falcon nesting season. Here is a little info on the Peregrine Falcon and their nesting sites. Below is a list of local climbing cliff closures in Vermont.  

According to the Audubon their nesting sites usually consist of, “2-4 cream or buff eggs, spotted with reddish brown, placed in a scrape with little lining on a cliff or building ledge or in an abandoned bird’s nest.” During the nesting period there are several climbing cliff closures in effect.

The 1950s and 1960s saw a rapid decline in the Peregrine population. Since then, they are on the rise again. Efforts taken to protect the Peregrine Falcon population include banning pesticides that caused a thinning of their eggshells, rearing birds in captivity and releasing them into the wild, and protecting their nesting sites from human activity.

It’s very important we respect the cliff closures put in place by the Audubon. Please do your part to help protect the Peregrine Falcon.

Climbing Cliff Closures:

  • Deer Leap
  • Bolton Notch – Upper Upper West
  • Bolton Querry
  • Marshfield Mountain
  • Smuggler’s Notch – Elephant Head Side
  • Wheeler Mountain
  • Mt. Horrid
  • Rattlesnake Point


Other Cliffs:

  • Snake Mountain
  • Fairlee Palisades
  • Barnet Roadcut – Route 5 Pullout

Published:April 25, 2013

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