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Farm & WildernessResults from last month’s nickel bag program are in! Over the corse of the month, with the help of our local shoppers, we were able to save 5,311 plastic bags that would ultimately just end up in a landfill. As part of our philosophy, we are committed to environmental stewardship and protecting the world that we all enjoy to recreate in!

One of our ongoing programs here is the Nickel Bag Program. For every customer that does not take a plastic shopping bag from us, we set aside 5¢ to be donated. It might not sounds like a lot but over the course of 30 days those nickels start adding up!

In August we prevented 5,311 plastic bags from being used and as a result we will be donating $269 to a local, environmental based, nonprofit organization.

August’s recipient of the Nickel Bag donation is Farm & Wilderness.

About Farm & Wilderness

Farm & Wilderness is dedicated to helping people discover themselves through nature and the joys of the simple things in life. They teach children and young adults a sense of community through farm and garden activities, camping, climbing, and swimming & canoeing on secluded lakes.

Campers with an age range of 9-17 will all participate in overnight trips in the surrounding wilderness and return more grounded to the natural world.

What sets Farm & Wilderness apart from other summer camps is the following:

  • F&W allows children a total removal from the bustle and demands of their busy, electronic lives. There is no recorded music, no television, and no electronic gadget of any kind at F&W.
  • F&W allows each person time for quiet introspection, and supports greater self-understanding.
  • F&W emphasizes self within community. Each person has a valued role to play within the larger group. This community-building focus fosters a greater understanding of human interdependence and how to work and succeed within a group.
  • F&W encourages physical, emotional and spiritual exploration within clearly set boundaries of safety. Campers are encouraged to find their own edge of challenge.

Learn more about their programs at the Farm & Wilderness Website


Published:September 11, 2013

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