Most Valuable Gear: Grivel Tech Machine Ice Tool

An aggressive new ice tool from Grivel, ready to conquer tough ice and mixed routes!

Snow is falling in the mountains, so it won’t be long before climbers will start venturing out to their favorite waterfalls and cliffs to kick-off ice climbing season! Many exciting new ice climbing products have debuted in recent months in anticipation of the season, including one that we are excited about: the Grivel Tech Machine. All-new from Grivel this season, The Tech Machine is a high-performance ice tool with a clean design and aggressive shape for vertical ice and mixed climbing. The awesome features of the Grivel Tech Machine are why we have chosen it as this week’s Most Valuable Gear selection!

Here are 3 reasons why we love the Grivel Tech Machine ice tool:

1. Aggressive, Technical Shape

The Tech Machine from Grivel is a definitively modern ice tool, with an aggressive curved shaft shape, an ergonomic grip and the lack of a hammer or adze. The Tech Machine joins some of the best all-around steep ice and mixed climbing tools on the market, including the Black Diamond Fuel and the Petzl Nomic, all of which utilize similar shaft shapes and angles, as well as offset grips, for effective placements and leverage on a variety of terrain features. The aggressive curve in the aluminum shaft provides excellent clearance and stability on bulgy, vertical ice routes or thin mixed rock.


2. Interchangeable, Forged Steel Picks

Since Grivel first started making ice axes in the mid-1800s, they have distinguished themselves as a brand due to the exceptional quality and performance of their hot-forged steel picks. The Grivel Tech Machine features a T-rated, ice-specific pick that is hot forged for incredible strength, and resistance to dulling. The pick has a 3 mm taper toward the end of the pick provides secure placements and purchase on thin, cold ice. Additionally, the pick is easily removable in the event of damage to the pick, or to swap in Grivel’s “Mix” pick (not included), which has a 4.2 mm blade for heavier abuse on mixed rock and ice. 

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3. Comfortable, Ergonomic Grip

Grivel has crafted an all new grip for The Tech Machine ice tool, which features a multiple density rubber, nylon and foam grip for incredible comfort. When gripping the handle hard or for long days on ice, the grip on the Tech Machine provides relief for your hands and a more comfortable grip than other tools on the market, while retaining performance. The grip is also offset, which cradles your hand and gives you a secure grip. The Tech Machine also has a taped grip on the shaft, which makes matching easier.

Shop the Grivel Tech Machine here!

Check out our great selection of ice tools and ice axes at, including: 

The Petzl Nomic:


The Petzl Nomic has been one of the most highly regarded leashless ice tools since its introduction. Featuring an aggresive, curved shaft; an ergonomic, offset grip that is adjustable for larger hands and gloves; interchangeable dry tooling and ice climbing picks as well as a taped upper grip; the Nomic is a reliable ice tool for vertical ice, mixed climbing and dry tooling.


The Petzl Quark:



The Petzl Quark is a versatile ice tool that is an exceptional choice for technical mountaineering and moderate ice climbing. It features interchangeable picks, a trigger finger rest and comfortable grip, as well as optional hammer or adze configurations.

The Grivel Quantum Tech: 


The Quantum tech is a great all-around ice tool for alpine climbing, and ice up to vertical. With a hot-forged steel pick and a composite shaft, the Quantum Tech is a great ice tool for general ice climbing and technical mountaineering.

The Camp Cassin X-Dream:




The Cassin X-Dream from Camp is an innovative technical ice tool that is highly adjustable for a variety types of climbing routes. The handle can be rotated for optimizing the shaft angle for dry tooling, mixed climbing, or ice routes of various degrees of steepness. The X-Dream also has Interchangeable Ice and Dry picks.

The Black Diamond Fuel (coming soon):



The all-new Black Diamond Fuel is similar to the Nomic and Tech Machine, with an aggressive, curved shape and an offset grip. The Fuel distinguishes itself from the pack with a single piece forged aluminum shaft that extends from the head down through the grip. It also features a removable spike, an interchangeable pick; as well as an adjustable grip, which allows you to add spacers to accommodate different glove and hand sizes. Coming soon to

The Black Diamond Cobra:



The Black Diamond Cobra is a lightweight all-around ice tool for moderate ice climbing, technical mountaineering and alpine climbing. It features a carbon fiber shaft, interchangeable picks, optional hammer and adze, and a comfortable grip.


Published:October 21, 2014

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