Staff Bio: Chris Cartier, Head Bike Tech

We caught up with our Head Bike Tech, Chris Cartier, to ask him a little bit about himself, his favorite bikes and what he likes to do outside.



OGE: How long have you been working at the OGE?

Chris: 4 years.



OGE: How long have you been working on bikes?

Chris: Pretty much since I can remember. Since I was little.



OGE: How did you end up in Vermont? Are you from here originally?

Chris: I’m from Massachusetts, but I still technically go to UVM. I came here in 2008 for school and I’ve been here pretty much since then with a few breaks in between.



OGE: What is your favorite bike and why?

Chris: Right now, probably the Transition Scout. It’s just a super fun trail bike. Yeah, really fun and playful. It makes you want to jump over pretty much everything.



OGE: How many bikes do you currently own?

Chris: (Laughs and starts counting on his fingers) Six or seven.




OGE: What is your favorite place to ride?

Chris: Oh man, that’s tough. For local, probably Saxon Hill or Hinesburg. If I’m going to drive a little bit, Burke Mountain or Kingdom Trails.



OGE: What other sports or activities do you enjoy outside of biking?

Chris: I climb, ski, I guess I go for hikes when I have to. But yeah, mostly climbing, skiing, I fish a lot in the spring and summer. Fishing and biking are probably my two big things in the summer.



OGE: Do you have any big trips planned?

Chris: Yeah hopefully this fall, my girlfriend and I are going to Turkey to do some biking and climbing.



OGE: What is your most memorable outdoor experience?

Chris: Probably so far it was going to the Ruth Gorge in Alaska to do some Alpine climbing.




Published:March 19, 2015

Staff Bio

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