Brand Spotlight: Mountain Khakis

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Mountain Khakis’ mission is simple, to-the-point, and most importantly, authentic: They want to be the best damn mountain-inspired lifestyle brand.


It’s not an uncrowded field these days, however, with companies popping up like mushrooms after a spring rain all offering a similar pitch–for the millenial #vanlifers, for the climbing bum, for the spirit of wanderlust that burns bright in today’s young and “gainfully unemployed.”

So what makes Mountain Khakis different? What separates them from the myriad other brands so keen on plucking as many dollars as they can out of  itinerant millenials’ wallets?

It’s that authenticity.

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Born 14 years ago out of a casual conversation between friends at the Shady Lady Saloon in Jackson Hole, WY, the idea of an apparel brand that based itself around the ethos of rugged, freewheeling adventure was hastily scrawled on a napkin for posterity. This has set the tone of Mountain Khakis’ culture ever since.

Coming onto the scene 3 years after the initial dream was hatched, in 2004, MK’s Original Mountain Pant was first manufactured in Idaho, and quickly began to build loyalty among customers. The rugged, reliable pants washed beautifully, and introduced a novel concept to the outdoor sphere: A focus on fit.

Prior to Mountain Khaki’s arrival on the scene, it wasn’t easy to find a pair of rugged outdoor pants that had both an inseam size and a waist size. The industry wasn’t there yet, and fit suffered as a result. When the Original Mountain Pants came onto the scene, they were quickly heralded as a versatile, do-anything pant, as at-home at the crag as they were on the golf course or in the boardroom. By the end of 2005, over 100 retailers were carrying the brand.

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From then on came the only natural thing: expansion. Having conquered the bottoms market in due course, Mountain Khakis launched its “Northwaist” line in 2011, featuring rugged and adventurous flannels, jackets, and sweaters for men. In 2012, they expanded once again and created its first women’s line of apparel, making certain that the designs they launched were, from inception to completion, by women and for women: Mountain Khakis wasn’t interested in simply downsizing its successful menswear, but rather creating uniquely rugged designs for women.

With the establishment of their women’s line, then, Mountain Khakis now has a corner on the market for comfortable, ruggedly durable, outdoor-inspired clothes. Whether wearing their Original Mountain Pants, any of their other pant styles, or their sweaters, flannels, or T-shirts, they all reflect the confidently casual frontier mentality that has propelled Mountain Khakis ethos since day 1.

Live Life Untucked

Now carried by over 900 retailers worldwide, Mountain Khakis has firmly established itself in the highest echelon of the “casually adventurous” outdoor brands, of which there are now so many. #Vanlife before there even was a #Vanlife, Mountain Khakis has what so many other brands seem to force or lack entirely–authenticity.

Shop for Mountain Khakis here!

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Published:November 30, 2016

Brand Spotlight

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