5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Backcountry Squeeze

This Valentine’s Day, skip the tired, lazy tradition of flowers, chocolates, and jewelry and get your better half something that you’ll both actually want to use. After all, you both love the outdoors, right? That’s why you’re together, right? That’s why you’re shopping on this website, right? Reading this blog?

1. The Nemo Mezzo Loft Duo


Snuggle up and get cozy on your next car camping trip with Nemo’s Mezzo Loft Duo. It’s got everything you need for a restful night’s sleep in your favorite campground: A fitted sleeve on the bottom for one 50″ wide sleeping pad or two 25″ pads, two zippers down the side  that allow you to peel the comforter all the way down, and enough space for you, your beloved, and your dog.

2. Snowshoes


Photo courtesy of Tubbs Snowshoes

Hibernation’s for the birds. Or bears, rather. That’s why you should get some snowshoes! Getting out on a pair of snowshoes with your significant other is a great way to spend a day exploring in the woods. Bring a thermos of hot cocoa too and really enjoy the winter wonderland. There’s nothing to it, either, just strap ’em on and walk.

3. Avex Claret Insulated Wine Glasses

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like getting your swerve on. Avex’s Claret insulated wine glasses have everything you need to make that romantic getaway into the wilderness a real classy excursion. Not only does the insulated design keep your reds and whites the perfect temperature regardless of the weather, the thin rim and contoured shape are specially designed to enhance both your wine’s aroma and your drinking experience.

4. A Pair of Darn Toughs


This Valentine’s Day, give the gift of wool. A pair of Darn Tough socks is always a welcome gift no matter the occasion, and a pair of  warm, soft, cozy socks are the perfect thing to warm your significant other’s feet during the chilly month of February.

5. ENO Twilights LED Camp Lights


Up the romance of your tent to the next level with a set of ENO Twilights. These little LED mood-enhancers will twinkle like little stars and set the perfect level of ambiance whether you’re winter camping–it is February after all–hanging out in a shelter on the trail in the summer, or just adding to the atmosphere around the campfire.


Published:February 9, 2017

Gear Head

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