New Black Diamond Climbing Gear for Spring 2017

Black Diamond Equipment has been the gold standard in climbing gear for a long time; you’ll find their Camalots or carabiners on most every trad climber’s rack. Building on the success of their storied legacy in hardgoods, Black Diamond continues to develop the breadth and scope of their gear offerings. Here are some this season’s standouts, from their venture into climbing ropes to the refinement of their climbing packs.

Introducing: Black Diamond Ropes

Black Diamond Ropes

Black Diamond has broken into the rope market this spring, and is offering climbing ropes at diameters to meet every climbers’ needs. The 9.9 diameter rope is the workhorse of the bunch. It’s great for year-round rock climbing, whether you’re top-roping with groups of climbers or you’re someone who is really tough on their rope.

The Black Diamond 9.6 climbing rope is the most versatile of them all, being offered in both dry and non-dry treated options and a range of lengths. The 9.6 excels as a sport climbing rope on red point burns at the crag and is just as much at home following you up long multi-pitch climbs. This diameter feeds smoothly through belay devices but still features Black Diamond’s durable Endurance sheath.

New Harnesses: Zone Harness for Women and Men

Black Diamond Zone Harness

The Black Diamond Zone harnesses were specifically designed for sport climbers; they’re lightweight, breathable and feature a contoured fit for when you are hang-dogging your way up a hard project. The women’s Zone is designed for the shape of a woman’s body, providing a more dialed-in fit with the same great features that the Unisex Zone harness offers.

New Packs: Gym Gear Bag and Blitz 20

Gym Gear Bag

Black Diamond Gym Bag

Whether you choose the 30 or 35 liter option, Black Diamond has you covered when it comes to hauling all of your gear to the local gym. Utilizing the same super burly fabric they developed for their Creek series of packs, the Gym Gear Bag is durable and also features a comfy padded shoulder strap, making lugging all of your gear easy.

A one handed, easy-opening crash pad style buckle, separate elastic gear pocket, and a zippered essentials pocket (perfect for your cell and wallet) keep things secure and organized.

Blitz 20 Pack

Black Diamond Blitz 20

Over the years Black Diamond has continued to refine it’s alpine packs with knowledge gleaned from their team of world class alpinists. The new Black Diamond Blitz 20 Pack is the ultimate lightweight on-route pack for serious summit pushes and in-a-day missions on big mountains. The strippable designs allows you to shave weight and carry only what’s necessary for your mountain mission.

And don’t let this pack’s minimalist design fool you, it’s loaded with features including ice tool pick pockets, hydration compatibility, a rope strap, and a removable bivvy pad. An internal zip pocket for essentials and a waterproof zippered lid pocket bolster your storage options. When moving fast over rock and ice, Black Diamond’s Blitz 20 Pack has got your back.

New Rope Bags: Half and Full Rope Burrito

Black Diamond Full and Half Burrito

Black Diamond’s newest rope storage solution comes in the form of something everyone loves, burritos! The Black Diamond Half and Full Rope Burrito are great rope bags for someone looking for something simple and easy to use, whether you’re stuffing them in a crag bag or simply toting them around on their own for casual days at the sport crag.

The Half size is perfect for the gym, as it fits a 35 meter gym rope well. The Full Rope size will fit a 70 meter rope and is ideal for keeping your rope out of the dirt when at the crag.

New Chalk Pot: Mondo Chalk Pot

Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot

Simply put, the new Black Diamond Mondo Chalk Pot is awesome. Boulderers have long been plagued by their chalk obsession, carrying full chalk buckets to and from the gym and crag, covering everyone and everything in their wake in powdery chalk. Not anymore! Black Diamond’s new magnetic roll top closure system forms a tight seal and keeps the rest of your gear clean. A zippered pocket and elastic brush holders provide just enough room for the essentials whether training at the gym or running a quick circuit at your local zone.

Pro-tip: the magnets close behind you when dipping hands in and out of your bag at the gym, if you want it to stay open simply roll the top away from you and the magnets roll away from each other for easy access.


Published:March 22, 2017

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