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The Golden Trinity of Après Spring Skiing

With March just around the corner, warmer weather and more sunlight means you get to spend more time at the mountain. Pretty great, right? Well, before you go gallivanting off with visions of pond skimming dancing in your head, check out these essential items that you might not have known to take with you.

Trust me, they’re sure to make you the coolest guy or gal in the resort parking lot.

The Comfy Shirt

The ‘comfy shirt’ comes in many forms, from your favorite flannel or hoody to an extra puffy that’ll keep you warm while you get the grill started. Getting out of your sweaty baselayer is key to enjoying a proper après.

A change of socks is also a good addition to the comfy shirt, since who wants to have clammy, stinky feet while you enjoy the last rays of sunlight in the parking lot? Not you. The people around you will appreciate it too.

The Folding Camp Chair

Skiing is hard work, and after a long day, your legs are gonna be tired. So find a good folding camp chair and make it the throne from which you oversee your après kingdom. Pop it in your trunk and be ready to enjoy your post-ski drink in luxury. Keep it in the car year-round too, since the skills you hone for après ski will also apply to après bike.

The Car Camping Stove

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and brats are best served cooked, so be sure to pick up a dual burner stove and a cooler to tote whatever meats or non-meats you’d like to send off from central digestion station.

A small cutting board and knife will also provide you with a clean surface to prepare the nosh—remember, though the parking lot is flat, much like a cutting board, it is not clean, unlike a cutting board.

With these items, you have completed the Golden Trinity of the Spring Après Ski. Sitting down in a comfortable chair, wearing a (preferably) dry shirt, sipping on your favorite refreshment while you listen to your burgers cook—it’s the best way to end the day.


Published:February 20, 2018

Gear Head

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