The OGE Holiday Gift Guide: OGExpert Staff Picks

OGExpert Holiday Gift Guide Staff Picks

Our OGExperts are some of the most gear-hungry humans to adventure this earth: The head of our camping department is fixing to snag his triple-crown next year, the head of our ski department brings over a decade of industry experience to slinging our skis, and the head of our climbing department has climbed all over the country—and with that being said, you could stick any of our staff anywhere in the shop, and they’d thrive. You get the idea.

So, who better than our staff to go into the depths of our inventory to pick out some of the gear that they’d be most psyched to receive as gifts? Check out their picks, then gift the folks on your list accordingly.

Staff Pick 1: Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough Socks

Darn Tough socks are made right here in Vermont, and they’re guaranteed for life! They’re able to stand up to Vermont’s rough, rugged winters, deep(-ly demoralizing) mud season, and any summer and fall hikes your giftee can throw at them. Available in both merino wool and fully synthetic constructions, they’ll keep their feet cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. Darn Tough also has some of the most varied options available in the sock world—any outdoor activity you can think of, they make a sock for it.

Plus, who doesn’t love socks in their stocking during the holidays?

Staff Pick 2: The Kuhl Burr Jacket

KÜHL – Burr Jacket

Imagine: Your giftee is walking to work, and it’s cold as heck out. Well, KÜHL called this the Burr jacket for a reason. Its canvas construction makes it super-durable and warm, akin to something in the workwear sector—but it’s a lot better-looking. It boasts room to layer, pockets for your giftee’s EDC, and, did I mention it was super-durable? For those who run extra-cold, KÜHL also provides a lined option for extra warmth.

Staff pick 3: The La Sportiva Skwama Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva – Skwama

This is the best of both worlds here, as far as climbing shoes are concerned. La Sportiva’s Skwamas are comfy as heck, yet downturned enough to handle overhangs and steep climbing—making them a possible candidate for the one-shoe-quiver. Being mostly synthetic, that snug fit your giftee will get when they’re new will stay snug over time. Plus, the colors pop, and remember: Look good, climb good.

Staff Pick 4: The Osprey Savu Hip Pack

Osprey – Savu Lumbar Pack

Calling all mountain bikers! What we have here is the perfect blend of utility and minimalism. The Osprey Savu Lumbar pack not only boasts pockets for your giftee’s gear, it also boasts pockets for their water bottles. The water bottle pockets are thoughtfully designed too, so they won’t have to stop what they’re doing to hydrate. The Savu also stays put on-trail, because its straps are specially engineered to be totally secure and discreet. It’s an excellent carry system for all of your giftee’s bike essentials.

Staff Pick 5: Prana Stretch Zion Pants

Prana – Stretch Zion Pants

Maybe you have a person on your list that hates it when their pants can’t handle both their outdoor adventures and sitting at their desk at work. Well, just get them prAna’s Stretch Zion Pant. Stylish and functional, they’re less pants than they are shorts with extra-long legs, really. They’re built with a super-stretchy, water-shedding, abrasion-resistant fabric. With a gusseted crotch that provides tons of freedom of movement, these pants are built for whatever, whenever.

Staff Pick 6: Rab Borealis Jacket

Rab – Borealis Jacket

On the skin track, on-belay, on the sharp end, at the dog park, under a puffy, at the café, or at the crag—Rab’s Borealis Jacket is built for anything. It uses Rab’s stretchy, water-resistant Matrix™ fabric, so your giftee can feel like they’re the one, like Neo. It comes in a bunch of awesome colors too, so you can add some spice to their wardrobe.

Staff Pick 6: Rab Borealis Jacket

The North Face – Inferno -20° Sleeping Bag

Got someone on your list that wants to camp in sub-zero conditions? Maybe your partner sleeps cold at night and they need something a little extra? Look no further. The North Face’s Inferno -20° sleeping bag is filled with 800 fill-power, water-resistant down. Its center zip means it will run a bit roomier, and it’s honestly one of—if not the best—sub-zero sleeping bags available. Usually, bags this warm tend to run on the heavier side—but not this one. The regular length of the Inferno -20° boasts a (relatively) feather-light weight of 3lbs 5oz—which, for a hut trip? It’s nothing short of a dream, so sweet dreams.

Staff Pick 6: Rab Borealis Jacket

Vargo – Bot

If you’ve got someone on your gift list that wants to go lighter on the trail, or maybe just wants to cut down the number of containers in their pack, the Vargo BOT is the answer. It’s a hybrid water bottle and cooking pot! It still fits nice and snug in a pack’s water bottle holders, and its ultralight titanium construction will shave your giftee’s pack weight along with saving space. Whether it’s time for a quick meal or hydration time, they can do both with the BOT!

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Published:December 10, 2019

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