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Meet An OGExpert: Jim Dang

What’s an OGExpert? They’re the folks that huff and puff alongside you in the skin track, give you a yell from the lift, move that pad for you at the climbing gym, share their granola at the summit, or help you change a flat tire at the bike trail head. They’re us. We’ve done it all, and used pretty much every kind of gear along the way. We live, breathe, and recreate with the community.


Jim "Danger" Dang




Burlington, VT. I've seen Champ.

How long have you been working at Outdoor Gear Exchange?

It will be half a decade in April. I am here because of my family and the seasons. Now that I have an AT setup, winter is now a contender for favorite season.

What is your role at OGE?

I manage The OGE Online Customer Service Team that works in the shadows of the warehouse to communicate policy, solve problems, answer questions, and help our customers that can’t be local.

What would you consider your area of outdoor expertise?

Bikepacking and Trail Running.

Tell us about any upcoming goals or trips you have.

I plan to ship all of my gear to Alaska and bikepack across our big brother to the North, riding from Juneau Alaska to my condo in Essex, Vermont at the end of the summer/early all.

What is one piece of advice or trip recommendation you often give to people who are experiencing the outdoors for the first time?

Go explore what is nearby and continue to build your skills from those small experiences. Go solo and enjoy the time, but like all good things in life, being in the outdoors is better shared IMO. Micro adventures train you for the epic adventures.

Favorite piece of outdoor clothing or equipment you bring on every trip?

Darn Tough socks and then a tie for my Suunto Spartan Ultra or Julbo Aerospeeds because looking fast is half of feeling fast.

What’s your favorite trail snack and local beverage?

Was Kimball Brook Maple/Chocolate milk (RIP), but Untapped products are incredible.

How do you keep the stoke at 11?

Mindfulness. Unassisted breathing and being ambulatory is a blessing, so acknowledge your blessings to sustain the stoking.

Instrument of choice for digging a cat hole?

Whatever is closest, rock, sticks, bike pump, use what you got, but leave no trace. No one wants to see that.

How were you introduced to the outdoors?

My family doesn’t celebrate the outdoors. I did some fishing with relatives, but this city boy didn’t like fish guts. My first overnight camping trip was when I was 14 and camped out at Underhill State Park. We hiked Mount Mansfield the next morning and it was the toughest thing I had ever done up until that point. It was a long day. Straight up Sunset Ridge and down. At night I didn’t sleep because I'd never heard owls and so much wildlife in my life. Now my favorite race of the year is the Mansfield Double Up Race sponsored by Native Endurance and it involves racers, running up and over Mansfield, twice.

Favorite after-work shred spot/outdoor adventure?

Winter would be night skiing/touring; summer would be rides out to the Causeway with the Moons Out Goons Out crew. Lounging by the Lake or walking in Indian Brook is a good break from the urban commotion. Whatever activity that removes looking at screens.

Favorite part about the OGE?

Culture and community. I get to help educate folks and equip them to get outside and break down their own barriers to hopefully pass that knowledge along and get more people out.

Biggest outdoor pet-peeve?

Litter. Leave NO Trace. Respect your environment! You can also group people walking in the Alpine Zone on top of mountains too. Respect the mountain, it has been here longer than you

Are you a fan of Type 2 fun?

Absolutely. One person’s pain is another person’s pleasure

Any sufferfests/epics you’d like to tell us about?

I've been fortunate to have biked across the US in college and then spent 8 months living off the bike and touring across the country after graduation from college in 2014. This last summer I completed a summer goal of biking to, then trail running up the 5 highest peaks, and biking home all self-supported in a weekend. Running wise, I have been fortunate enough to have completed the VT50, 50 Mile run twice, placing 4th overall in 2017 and 12th overall in 2018. In 2019 I was able to finish second in the Native Endurance Mansfield Double Up race and highly recommend all mountain goats to test themselves at that event.

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Published:February 4, 2020

Gear Head

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  1. joanie
    Posted February 6, 2020 at 10:12 am | Permalink

    Loved reading this, Jim! And your summer trip plan sounds incredible! Comon, tell the truth, have you really seen Champ?!

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