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Sometimes (read: all the time) within the doors of the Outdoor Gear Exchange, we staff chat with each other about our most recent outdoor adventures and all our favorite places to recreate in Vermont. And as these conversations continued, we began to wonder – what are all of YOUR favorites? So we sent out a survey back in February (before the COVID-19 situation escalated) to learn what all of you in our community love about Vermont’s outdoor scene!


We are fortunate to live in the heart of the Green Mountains with dozens of hiking trails to enjoy, including the famous Long Trail. It came as no surprise that the majority of folks labeled hiking and camping as their favorite outdoor activities! Snow lovers fear not, skiing was close behind!

But what took the gold for the most popular place to recreate for each outdoor activity?

  • Hiking: Camels Hump
  • Mountain biking: Saxon Hill
  • Skiing: Bolton Valley 
  • Paddling: Lake Champlain
  • Climbing: Smugglers Notch

Hard to argue with those results!


While most of you listed good ole’ fashioned trail mix with nuts and dried fruit as your favorite trail snack, you better believe we got some other hilarious replies! 

A lot of you really love trail Twizzlers and maple syrup too!


And we had quite the variety of favorite pieces of gear of all time! Hiking boots, backpacks, and AT skis made the list loads of time, but these were a few unique answers that made us smile:

Opinion: we all need vintage neon pink ski onesies.


We included some fun rapid-fire questions in the survey too! 

Phish or Ben&Jerry’s Phish Food?

Sunny and 70, or cold and snowy?

Maple syrup or craft beer?

Mountains or lakes?

We were just as torn about beer vs syrup.


In addition to wanting to learn fun outdoor facts about our community, we’re constantly wondering what you all think of the store itself. We threw a couple of shop-specific questions into the survey, and it was a blast reading what you all had to say about the shop itself!

All your comments made us smile so much, especially with the store being closed due to the virus. We can’t thank you enough for all your support over these last few months, let alone the last 25 years. We can’t wait to see you all outside once it is deemed safe!

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Published:May 7, 2020


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