Bikes We Love This Spring

Bikes we love this spring

Spring is just about here and the roads and trails are calling. Our OGExpert bike nerds, enthusiastic as ever in their pursuit of two-wheeled locomotion, share their fervor for their favorite new bikes this year:

Hot New Thing: SCOR 4060

An image of the SCOR 4060

The 4060 is the first bike being offered by the Swiss brand Scor. Built with either 160mm or 140mm travel, it can be switched at any time to give you the ultimate versatility in your ride. A sleek, high performance carbon frame keeps the bike stiff and lightweight. Scor says that this bike is designed around “good times, not lap times.” Definitely the “NEW HOTNESS” in the shop.

Our Favorite Enduro Bike: Transition Spire

An image of the Transition Spire

This massive enduro shred-sled is made for the harshest, steepest of lines with ease. The Spire’s downhill geometry can be changed with a flip chip which allows for a super slack 62.5° head tube angle. An incredible full 170mm of front and rear suspension soaks up the biggest roots, rocks, and drops—keeping you flying through the rough stuff.

Beginner Full-Suspension Pick: Marin Rift Zone 1, 2, & 3

A heck of a first full-suspension bike with 125mm of rear suspension, the Rift Zone rips down the trail, minimizes jolts, and maintains traction well. Available as either a 27.5″ or 29″ wheeler, all builds come with hydraulic disc brakes and adjustable air suspension. The Rift Zone has geometry that transcends its price range.

Bang-For-Your-Buck Mountain Bike: Marin Eldridge Grade 1

An image of the Marin Eldridge Grade 1

The limited edition Eldridge Grade 1 features a lightweight aluminum frame and a fork with 120mm travel. The Eldridge is versatile, reliable, and confidence-inspiring for entry-level off-road riding adventures.

Best-Performing Gravel Bike: Niner RLT RD0 4 Star

An image of the Niner RLT RD0 4 Star

Take the “Road Less Traveled” with the Niner RLT. This is a top-end, nimble, smooth, and fast bike. Perfect for gravel centuries, ultra races or long-distance bikepacking trips. With a full-carbon “Race Day Optimized” frame and fork, it absorbs bumps in the road, has mounts galore, and has clearances for tires to satisfy any adventure. The RLT is ready to take on the toughest of back roads.

Best-Value Gravel Bike: Marin Nicasio+

An image of the Marin Nicasio+

The Marin Nicasio+ is a steel gravel bike steal: all the frills and features for less. The strong, durable steel frame is covered in mounting points for fenders, racks, and as many bikepacking accessories as you desire.

Top Commuter: Batch E-Bike Commuter

An image of the Batch E-Bike Step Thru

The Batch E-Bike Commuter and the E-Step Thru are great for those thinking of replacing their car or an existing bike with an eco-friendly, electric option. Featuring a Bosch Active Line motor, battery, and heads up display, this top-notch e-bike will get you from A to B at up to 20mph. Keeps you dry and clean with pre-installed fenders, and its racks let you carry any load.

Best-Fitting Kids’ Bikes: Frog 52 – 78

An image of the Frog Bikes 52

Frog makes kids’ bikes perfectly designed for what kids need. That means lightweight aluminum frames geometrically engineered for child-sized legs, arms, feet and hands, with easy-to-use shifters and brakes, small handlebar grips, and inspiring paint colors.

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Published:March 27, 2022


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