Our Favorite Skis & Boards For Winter ’23

A skier carving a turn in the backcountry

We love skis and snowboards. Really love them.

It can be tough to pick favorites, but these are the ones we love this season. Skis and boards for every shredder in the family, from every category. OGE Ski
Department Head Dan and Snowboard Department Head Hayes tell it like it is.

An image of the Line Pandora 94 Women's skis and k2 Mindbender 99Ti Skis

All-Mountain Skis:

Line Pandora 94 Women’s Skis

Light and nimble ski for all day fun, the Pandoras offer an unmatched weight to performance ratio.

K2 Mindbender 99Ti Skis

The Mindbender 99Ti’s new 2023 construction makes for a playful yet stable ski. A great all-mountain ski that will hold an edge on any line.

An image of the Volkl Rise Above 88 women's skis and the Blizzard Zero G 95 Skis

Backcountry Touring Skis:

Völkl Rise Above 88 Women’s Skis

Crush those backcountry miles. Designed for uphill and just as capable on the down, you won’t find this ski lacking.

Blizzard Zero G 95 Skis

These carbon-loaded alpine rippers will make the uphill easy.

An image of the Line Honey Bee Skis and the Armada BDOG Skis

Most Playful Skis:

Line Honey Bee Skis

Soft pops to big drops. Want to get into park? The Honey Bee’s low swingweight and soft tips will get you there.

Armada BDOG Skis

Stiff under-foot, Phil Cassabon’s signature skis make those big landings way more forgiving—with soft tips and tails for the most buttery of days.

An image of the Armada ARV 96 Skis and the Faction Le Mono Ski

Prettiest Ski Top-Sheet:

Armada ARV 96 Skis

These all-mountain free-ride skis are always down for a good time, with two mount points so you can choose your own adventure.

Faction Le Mono Ski

I mean, do we even have to say anything? IT’S A MONOSKI!

An image of the YES Basic board and the RIDE MTNPIG board

All-Mountain Boards:

Yes Basic Women’s Board

A mid-flex all-mountain board, the Yes Basic is the best bang-for-your-buck of any board, for everyone from first-day riders to experts.

Ride MTNPIG Board

This little piggy went to the mountain and tore it all up! The swallow tail allows this board to carve like a machine.

An image of the Weston Backwoods Splitboard and the Burton Family Tree Splitboard


Weston Backwoods Splitboard

Weston boards are made by splitboarders, for splitboarders. The big nose rocker lets this board cruise through trees like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Burton Family Tree Splitboard

Good for charging, slashing, popping, floating and having a good time.

An image of the YES Warca Uninc JPS board and the Rossignol Retox board

Best Lookin’ Boards:

Yes Warca Uninc JPS Board

It finally happened, pigs can now fly. The Warca brings short, playful boards into the world of powder.

Rossignol Retox Board

Light for its stiffness, this is a great park board for big spins and hard landings.


Published:October 5, 2022


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