The Ten Essentials For Any Outdoor Adventure

Stemming from The Mountaineers club in the 1930s, The Ten Essentials are the most important items to carry when going on any outdoor adventure. Most are small, lightweight, and could be the difference between you making it home or finding an eternal resting place out in the middle of nowhere.

The Ten Essentials

1. Map of the area – know how to read it!

2. Compass – know how to use it!

3. Sunglasses & Sunscreen

4. Extra Food

5. Extra Water (or Water Purification)

6. Extra Clothes

7. Flashlight or Headlamp – make sure the batteries are working before you leave home.

8. First Aid Kit – you can either buy a pre-assembled kit or assemble your own.

9. Fire Starter – tinder, matches (kept in a waterproof case), or flint & steel.

10. Knife or Multitool

While the above are the original 10 essentials, there are additional items you should seriously consider.

Complimentary Essentials

1. Portable Water Purification

2. Repair Kit

3. Signaling Device

4. Rope

5. Emergency Bivy or Space Blanket

6. Ice Axe – for winter expeditions.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the area you are going to, do some research, and always be prepared when going on any adventure. Plan ahead, take into consideration every item you will need, and most of all have fun.

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    Backpacking with my teenage sons and wantin to learn more. Thank you

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