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Boreas - Buttermilks 40 Pack

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Smart. Simple. Striking. The Boreas Buttermilks 40 looks quite unlike any other multi-day pack in our inventory, but its dare-to-be-different attitude is not merely a cry for attention. At its heart, the Buttermilks is really just an uncomplicated, easy-to-use 40-liter roll-top pack with some clever design touches, such as hide-away daisy chains and silicone-impregnated nylon fabric that sheds water. The Z-foam back panel is intended to act like a bellows, forcing air in and out you expand and contract it with your motions, and the hipbelt pockets are generously sized for snacks, point-and-shoot cameras, and small binoculars.

Feature list from Boreas:

  • Z-foam back panel and removable frame sheet shaped to match the curve of your back
  • Z-foam back panel pumps air in and out to keep your back cool
  • Foam Sweet Foam: More foam does not equal more comfort. Super-plush belts and straps look comfy in the store but flatten out under pressure. Comfort happens when pressure is distributed evenly through good design and foam resilient enough to maintain volume under load.
  • Keepin' It Clean: There was a time when packs were judged by how many zippers, buckles and straps they had. We’re glad those days are over so we can concentrate on better ideas like daisy chains that tuck away when you don’t need them.
  • Pack body made from 210D silicone-impregnated ripstop nylon; heavier 420D nylon on the pack bottom



Volume: 40L / 2,136in3


  • Fits torso lengths of 46-51cm / 18-20"
  • Stock weight of 1,365g / 3 lbs 
  • Minimum weight of 1,045g / 2lbs 5 oz


  • Fits torso lengths of >51cm / >20"
  • Stock weight of 1,370g/ 3lbs 
  • Minimum weight of 1,050g / 2lbs 5 oz

Additional Information

Intended Use Hiking/Backpacking


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