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Bucket Liner Socks

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When the OGE was created there were a lot of buckets of inexpensive stuff. Well, we've still got the buckets, and we've still got inexpensive liner socks, and you found them. Good work.

Q: What's a bucket sock again?
A: An inexpensive non-cotton sock.

Q: But I love my cotton socks!
A: We're glad. The more love the better. However one of the properties of cotton is that it does not dry quickly when it gets wet. One of the things that we do not love is soggy feet, so no cotton socks.

Q: I'd like one in knee high, with an argyle print, and softly contrasting colors please
A: Thanks for being polite. Bucket socks are an assorted product. Orders will be filled by availability and selection made at the web staff's discretion.

Q: You all aren't a knitting company, so who makes bucket socks?
A: The name is an OGE creation, but the most common source for bucket socks are cosmetic seconds from Fox River Mills.

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Material Synthetic