CAMP - Dyneema Tricam Set 0.5-2.0

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CAMP - Dyneema Tricam Set 0.5-2.0

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Look on the rack of most experienced trad climbers and you are almost certain to see an assortment of Tricams. These wondrous pieces of pro can be used either as cams or nuts and often work where nothing else fits. Tricams are ideal in horizontal cracks, pockets, and shallow vertical cracks. By popular demand, the most popular Tricam sizes are also available with Dyneema® slings. These are slightly stronger in camming mode without any additional weight and realize the unique benefits of Dyneema®. Compared to nylon, Dyneema® maintains a higher breaking strength when wet and its natural hydrophobic properties prevent the slings from soaking up water and icing over.

Set includes sizes: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0.

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