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Camp - Small Fixed Pulley - Ball Bearing

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The fixed side plates make this an excellent pulley for quickly rigging a hauling system using an ascender. Clip a locking oval carabiner into the two pulley holes, then clip the carabiner to top of an ascender. Attach this rig to an anchor point that can rotate (such as a sling) using a locking carabiner clipped to the oval carabiner (between the side plates).

• Rescue, Rigging
• Steel bearings
• Aluminum alloy sheave
• Permanent rivet never loosens
• Requires locking oval or HMS carabiner; cannot be used with D-shapes

Working Load: 2.5 kN x 2 = 5 kN, 560 LBF x 2 = 1120 LBF
Breaking Load: 10 kN x 2 = 20 kN, 2250 LBF x 2 = 4500 LBF
Inner Sheave Diameter: 21 mm, 0.8 in
Max Rope Diameter: 12 mm
Weight: 110 g, 3.9 oz