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Carrera - Cliff SPH Goggles

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Carrera - Cliff SPH Goggles

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Stock #: L363- Closeout

Carrera's Cliff SPH Goggles are a high-end option, with their interchangeable, spherical lenses - and GearX has managed to get them at closeout prices. Spherical lenses distort your view of the world less than the flat, cylindrical lenses found in cheaper goggles, and a variety of lenses are available from Carrera to meet the needs of changing light conditions. Carrera's Adjustable Outrigger is an especially unique feature; it's a pivoting bracket at the point where the goggle strap is attached to the frame, and it helps smooth the transition as the strap wraps around your helmet and back towards your face.

Name Frame Color     Lens Color                                       Shade Level
Black Matte Lime     Lime green "Super Rosa" (dark rose) S1 (lightest)
Dark Red Cross Dark red "Silver Flash" (silver mirror) S1-S3 (photochromic/changeable)
Black Matte Lime Lime green "Yellow Spectra" (gold mirror) S2 (medium)
Black Matte Cross Black matte "Red Spectra" (red mirror) S3 (darkest)

General Specifications:

Sizing : Average
Glasses Compatible : No
Gender / Ages : Unisex
Helmet Compatible : Yes
Ventilation System :  Yes
Lens Type : Spherical
Interchangeable Lenses:     Yes - Does not include extra lenses
Anti-Fog : Yes

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