Carrera - Kimerik Goggles

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Carrera - Kimerik Goggles

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Protect your eyes from the brightness, the glade's sticks, and your face from the cold woth the Carrera Kimerik goggles.

  • Seal Ring System - eliminates lens delamination, the first cause of fogging, and maintains a constant distance between the lenses avoiding optical distortion.
  • Ventilation System - all goggles within the Carrera range employ frame based ventilation, allowing customized Airflow and temperature within the goggle.
  • Zero Lens Technology - reduces air resistance and turbulence.
  • Polarized Lens - shield the retina from glare and increase both colour perception and visual acuity.
  • An-Allergic Thermoformed - velvet foam, goggles are assured to remain dry and guarantee a perfect fit.
  • AOCS Adjustable Outrigger - adapts to the user facial features guaranteeing a constant and even pressure creating a perfect seal.
  • Interchangeable Lenses: all Carrera goggles have interchangeable lenses.

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