OGE realizes that we are one store and thus our power to exert a positive environmental ethic is somewhat limited beyond our own community. To make a difference on a larger scale, we have joined numerous environmental organizations to help implement positive environmental ethics on a larger stage. Read below to see who we are involved with and how.

The Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance is a non-profit organization of outdoor businesses whose collective annual membership dues support grassroots citizen-action groups and their efforts to protect wild and natural areas. One hundred percent of its member companies dues go directly to diverse, local community groups across the nation. Outdoor Gear Exchange has the same votes as to who receives grants as the biggest names in the outdoor industry. We are proud that we can help make a difference through this great organization. To learn more about the conservation Alliance Visit Them.

The Catamount Trail Association

The Catamount Trail Association presides over 300 miles of cross country skiing trails that run the length of Vermont. The trail passes through national forest, state parks, 20 different town’s public lands and over 200 private parcels. The catamount trail association is committed to protecting the trail corridor by obtaining access easements and limiting the amount of the trial that falls on VAST trails. The Catamount Trail is a great resource that encourages people in all areas of Vermont to get out and enjoy the natural world in winter. At Outdoor Gear Exchange, we believe that introducing the outdoors to people is the best way to help foster a relationship between the individual and the natural world. From these relationships grow environmental ethics which help inform people’s stances on environmental issues. This is why Outdoor Gear Exchange is committed to supporting the Catamount Trail Association and their continued effort to develop the trail as a resource for all Vermonters. To Learn more about the Catamount Trail Visit Them.

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail

Outdoor Gear Exchange encourages people to get out and experience nature in new ways. This is why we are excited about the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Stretching 740 miles from Old Forge, New York to Fort Kent, Maine, the trail encourages people to view the north woods the way Europeans first explored this region. To learn more about the NFCT Visit Them.

Crag Vermont

Outdoor Gear Exchange is proud to support Crag Vermont A local not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving access and conservation of Vermont's climbing resources. Crag Vermont serves climbers, land managers, landowners, and the general public as an educational resource for responsible climbing, access status, historical information, species and habitat protection, and legal matters. To learn more about Crag Vermont Visit Them.

We try to give back to our community in in as many ways as possible. Beyond our member organizations we donate to a variety of organizations both financially and otherwise to that are working in line with our environmental and social mission. Here are a few of the organizations that we have supported both through our nickel plastic bag program and through other giving programs and what some of our recipients had to say about us.

The Dream Program - "Thank you so much for making dream your May Charity. The program you have running (the nickel plastic bag program) makes good sense, excites people, and certainly helps us."

The Student Conservation Association - "Your donation of socks, hats and gloves were greatly appreciated. We definitely had some cold nights in central Alaska in late august."

The Nature Conservancy Vermont - "I am deeply grateful for your generous gift, for your support of our work and for your continuing commitment to The Natures Conservancy. Our vital conservation work would not be possible without you."

Environmental Law Society Vermont Law School - "On behalf of the concerned students at Vermont Law School, thank you so very much for your donation to our fundraising effort. Your Donated item was part of our silent auction that took place during our Earth Week Observance. We truly appreciate your generosity and assistance in making a substantial donation to help secure the White River watershed."

Adirondack Mountain Club - "It is with corporate support such as yours that our organization is able to achieve its goals in our programs, while employing a balanced approach to outdoor recreation, natural resource conservation, and environmental education. Thank you for your generous support of ADK."

Northern Forest Canoe Trail - "We greatly appreciate being a recipient of funds raised at EcoFest 2006. Your contribution will help sustain key program areas and facilitate new initiatives that embrace the organization's mission."

The Fresh Air Fund - "We are truly grateful for your support and commitment to The Fresh Air Fund. Your kindness and dedication make a difference in the lives of New York City Children annually one Child at a time, one smile at a time."

Green Mountain Club - "Many thanks for your ongoing support of the Green Mountain Club. We appreciate your willingness to support the work that we do to protect and maintain hiking trails in VT. Outdoor Gear Exchange is a wonderful store and you mission and quality of service is much appreciated by our members and staff."

In addition to supporting environmental organizations, Outdoor Gear Exchange tries to give back to all aspects of our local community by supporting and sponsoring local organizations who are working to improve the community in which we live. The following are a few organizations we have supported in the past.

Vermont Cares is Vermont's largest Aids service organization helping Vermont residents who are effected by the disease, as well as providing education and prevention training to all Vermonters.

The RU12 Queer Community Center addresses the social, cultural, educational, health and safety needs of Vermont's queer and allied communities. It is dedicated to working with all races, ages, genders and sexualities from an anti-violence and social justice perspective.

Outright Vermont's mission is to build safe, healthy, and supportive environments for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning youth.

Spectrum Youth and Family Services is a community-based social service agency committed to working with Vermont youth and families to improve their lives through advocacy, direct service and a continuum of support, in order to work toward a more just and compassionate community.

The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide the community and its visitors with a non-exclusive, accessible and welcoming place to enjoy, learn and participate in wind and human powered water sports on Lake Champlain.

Discover Jazz Festival For ten days in June the city of Burlington, Vermont, transforms into a jazz oasis. Discover intimate venues, concerts under the stars, cruises on Lake Champlain, workshops and lectures from world-renowned artists and the sound of America’s homegrown art form on every corner.

Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. They promote independence and further equality through access and instruction to sports and recreational opportunities.