The desire to try and protect the Environment from degradation and destruction is widespread in the outdoor industry. There are lots of outdoor companies who are using the unique position of having a corporate environmental ethic and an active outdoor oriented customer base to enact really positive corporate environmental policies. Here are a few outstanding companies that OGE/GearX think are industry leaders in their environmental efforts.

UPS has been carving out ways to improve efficiencies for more than 100 years. It wasn't always called being "green," but the idea of being a more environmentally responsible and efficient company is deeply rooted at UPS. In these difficult economic times, efficiency becomes even more critical.
Here are just some of the efforts under way at UPS:

Since the beginning prAna has had a strong environmental ethic. They continue to make more and more of their product line from organic materials. As a member of the organic trade association they are constantly looking for new ways to make their garments and their industry more sustainable. They have also started the natural power program with the eventual goal of buying enough wind credits to off set all power used by prAna manufacturing facilities and participating retail stores. They currently have their head offices as well as 250 retail stores across the country running on wind power including ours! To learn more about what prAna is doing
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Ever since the Grivel Family started making mountaineering axes from their farm tool factory almost 200 years ago they have always been on the cutting edge of the business. 200 years later that has carried over to the environmental world as well. Grivel is the only climbing company in the world that has implemented a Environmental Management System that has be certified as meeting the requirements of the international ISO 14001 norms. To see more of what they are doing
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Clif Bar is making their business greener in many different ways. In the past 7 years Clif bar has greatly reduced the amount of packaging that their products require as well as switching to 100% post consumer recycled paper board and non-toxic inks for their packageing. They also have off-set their energy consumption with renewable energy credits at their offices and bakeries. This is all in pursuit of their goal of having zero waste where they would be able to divert 90% of their byproducts from land fills to recycling and composting projects. To learn more about their green efforts
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Green Label organics is 100% organic and sweatshop free. From the beginning Green Label was founded on the premise that you can have a tee shirt that not only talks the talk but walks the walk. These environmentally minded tees are as honest as they come. See what they are all about.
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Chacos very core is focused on sustainability. Chaco are made to last, they can be resoled instead of thrown away, so they last. They are a community minded company who pay employees to ride their bikes to work and have received numerous regional environmental awards. Last year they also off set their electoral usage by purchasing 400-megawatt hours of wind power credits. They have a corporate giving program where they give 3% of their after tax profits to environmental organizations. To learn more
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The main piece of any life jacket is floatation. Traditionally this important element has been PVC foam. PVC foam is cheap comfortable but its creation creates lots of byproducts that are harmful to the environment. Astral Buoyancy Company saw this and decided to make a change. With their use of recyclable foams and natural buoyancy materials they have been able to make better, lighter, more buoyant vest that are significantly better for the environment. Want to read more?
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Mission Playground in its very name is committed to raiseing environmental awarness. As they say, The Earth is our Playground, our mission is to preserve it. Mission Playground has launched the Sustainable Environment & Educational Development (S.E.E.D program) where they give 1% of sales to non-profit organizations that share the same passions as we do for our playground. To visit them and learn more about their approch to an environmentally active business
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