Consignment Bikes & Parts

We will consign quality used or new bicycles of all types that are in good condition and well maintained. Hardtail, full suspension, road, touring, cyclocross, single speed, three speed--you name it, we will sell it! We will also be accepting a wide variety of bike parts including, but not limited to, saddles, pedals, shoes, bars, shocks, derailleurs, forks, racks and more.

Interested in consigning a bike or parts with us? Here are some guidelines:

  • All bikes will undergo a "safety shakedown". If you would like to ensure that your bike will pass this inspection, run through our checklist below.
  • Bike frames should be clean and components free of grease and grime. 
  • We will not take any "department store" bikes. This includes, but is not limited to, the following brands: Huffy, Mongoose, Next, Apollo, and Fischer Price.
  • We may recommend that you purchase a tune from us before consigning your bike. 
  • Nearly all new parts will be accepted. Used parts will be taken based on condition. 
  • All other consignment policies apply. 

If you are unsure if your bike is one that we will take, email us at [email protected]. Please include a photo or photos of the bike along with a thorough description. While a final determination can only be made in person, we will let you know if your bike is something we are likely to take or not.

Consignment Bicycle Safety Shakedown

The following criteria must be verified for a bicycle to be considered.


  • Perform a drop test to check for any loose parts
  • The bike must be complete (all components present)
  • Reflectors must not be damaged or absent


  • Axle nuts or quick releases must tighten properly
  • Wheels must spin freely and true
  • Rims must not be bent or damaged
  • Spokes must not be broken, bent, or loose


  • Tires must be properly inflated
  • Check tire treads for wear, damage, and/or debris


  • Frame and welds must not have any cracks and/or bends


  • SPROCKETS: Must not have any teeth damaged/missing, or any rust
  • CHAIN: Must not have stiff/tight links, damage, or rust. Chain must be clean and lubricated
  • CRANK: Must spin freely, check for looseness/movement by pushing and pulling
  • DERAILLEURS: Must engage actively, change gears easily without skipping, and shift cleanly


  • Pedals must not be broken or bent. They must spin freely and be fully threaded


  • Shocks must absorb and rebound freely, quickly, and smoothly


  • FUNCTION: Brakes must have easily activated, good stopping power
  • PADS: Check for wear and evenness, pads must meet wheel/rotor fully and evenly
  • CABLES: Must not be frayed, bent, or broken


  • Must be tight and in line with the front wheel


  • There must not be any looseness in the headset. To check for this, hold brakes and pull bike forward/back


  • Saddle must be tight and level


  • Any racks, fenders, lights, etc. must be tight and secure