Craft - Neoprene Bike Bootie

Craft - Neoprene Bike Bootie
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I'm mighty eager after a winter of skiing and slaying ice to get back on my bike. Sometimes a little too eager and I go out on days that are too cold. My vented bike shoes which are going to be perfect in a few months are causing my feet to freeze. Enter the bootie. Neoprene insulation cuts wind, and holds heat letting me focus on the feeling of freedom.

  • - Neoprene shoecover for cold and wet conditions
  • - Taped front seam
  • - Multi stretch neoprene to keep a tight fit over your boot.
  • - Reflective prints for good visibility
  • - Velcro strap for secure fit
  • - Kevlar reinforcement on shoe cover heel and nose

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