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Crescent Moon - Silver 10 Snowshoes

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Crescent Moon - Silver 10 Snowshoes

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The Silver 10 is recommended for recreational snowshoers up to 225 lbs., including your gear, and is designed for on or off trail adventuring.The Silver 10 binding features a cam-locking buckle system which is easy to use and provides a comfortable, athletic fit for shoe sizes up to 11. The Silver 10 is remarkably lightweight and maneuverable and features a unique 3 claw aluminum traction system that really bites on hard-pack. Polished aluminum finish, TIG welded, tear-drop shaped frame, and all the features and benefits that make Crescent Moon an outstanding snowshoe at a great value.  Ready when you are, Hi-ho Silver!


  • 4.1 lbs/pair Recommended for snowshoers up to 225lbs
  • 10 x 32 in, teardrop shaped frame for more athletic feel than traditional shapes
  • Cam-locking buckle binding system which provides a perfect performance fit
  • 3 aluminum crampon system featuring the intuitive toe claw design
  • Polished aluminum frame
  • Off-trail Backcountry Snowshoes for Men

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