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Crescent Moon - Silver Series Snowshoe

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Crescent Moon - Silver Series Snowshoe

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The Silver series of shoes was introduced to provide all the advantages of the teardrop shaped frame unique to Crescent Moon with components that make it lower in price than the Gold series of shoes. It features a cam-locking buckle binding system made of waterproof materials that will not come loose, even in very wet conditions and a heel tightening strap which adjusts with a simple pull. The Silver Series is an excellent all-around shoe featuring a 3 claw aluminum traction system and a polished aluminum, TIG welded frame.

The lightweight Silver 9 is designed for mountain and trail hiking and snowshoers who want an athletic performance from their equipment at a great value. It is a versatile trail shoe and recommended for snowshoers who weight up to 195lbs. The binding will accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes up to size 11.

The Silver 10 is recommended for recreational snowshoers up to 225 lbs., including your gear, and is designed for on or off trail adventuring. Its binding provides a comfortable,athletic fit for shoe sizes up to 11.

Recommended for recreational snowshoers and their gear up to 300 lbs, the Silver 17s are ideal for off trail exploration. In spite of their size, these are the lightest

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