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Dew Motion - I Stick Remote Music Armband

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Dew Motion - I Stick Remote Music Armband

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Attach the iStick onto your arm or over a jacket and make your iPod/iPhone come to life. iStick controls are at your fingertips for perfect wireless command of your music. Fast and seamless, the iStick provides a net audio-adrenalin boost to your Hero moments


  • Operates iPod or iPhone wirelessly.
  • One-finger joystick controller.
  • Up to 10-metre range depending on the environment.
  • Breathable, water repellent and washable fabric.
  • Ergonomic design keeps iStick snug on wrist or arm.



The iStick Audio wireless component comprises two RF modules: a transmitter contained in the armband and a receiver docked into the iPod/iPhone 30-pin connector. The units are powered using a standard lithium-ion battery (CR2032) that is contained within the transmitter module. Battery life is 4 to 6 months depending on the environment and the frequency of use. iStick batteries are widely available and can easily be replaced by the operator.


To operate the unit, simply plug the receiver module and the headphones into the iPod/iPhone. Synchronization is automatic and requires no previous programming. Push down on the joystick music controller located on the armband for 3 seconds to turn the unlocked iPod on/off. Press down on the joystick to start and play your music. Slide from side to side to change songs and up and down to adjust the volume. Joystick is easily operated with one finger. In winter, the joystick can be controlled with a glove or mitten, whether inside or outside a jacket.The Dew electronic system is also modular, meaning each transmitter module is separate from its joystick controller and armband. This allows you to upgrade your iStick by adding new Dew inSound electronic components to your existing product. That way, your gear can easily be adapted to the latest inSound technologies, keeping it a fun and important part of your active lifestyle.


iStick uses the latest in technical textiles. Its soft shell fabrics are water repellent, breathable, non-abrasive and washable. Our products are assembled using laser cutting and thermo binding technologies for unrivalled production quality and durability.


To clean your iStick, unplug and remove the electronic RF transmitter module from the armband. Handwash the armband and its joystick in cold water with a mild soap and lay flat to dry. Do not use chemical cleaners. Reverse the process to reassemble

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