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DMM - I.M.P Brass Nut

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IMPs (Immaculate Marginal Protection) are 'brass' micro wires that have a regular taper. They are the ideal basis for any experienced leader's rack of micro gear.

The heads are machined on a new 9 axis CNC from a copper alloy that has very specific properties and a carefully controlled hardness; when developing these nuts we gradually honed in on an alloy and a hardness that allowed both good bite and also a good resistance to shear forces - this way the nuts lock into the rock well and also resist being pulled through the placement.
The heads are then silver soldered onto stainless steel wire and every unit is proof loaded to 75% of its rated strength.
We have developed and built a custom, induction heated silver soldering system that allows us to accurately control the amount of heat applied to each unit during the soldering process - an essential step in ensuring consistency in the final product.
These wires benefit from a colour coded alloy swage that is only dinked on one side i.e. one wire runs free so that the head is always loaded optimally when it holds a fall. The colour coded swage helps with selecting the right size first time.
Product Weight Strength Color
Size 1 4g 4kN Blue
Size 2 8g 5kN Red
Size 3 10g 5kN Silver
Size 4 13g 7kN Purple
Size 5 16g 7kN Green