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DMM - Mallion Rapide 3/8'' Quick Link

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DMM's Mallion Rapide Quick Links have a Working Load Limit of 900 KG (1,984 lb) and a breaking strength of 3,991 KG (8,800 lb).

Please read this before you buy equipment for bolting:

Bolting a climbing route may be the most controversial area in all of climbing. For years bolting wars have raged in many climbing communities. If you are looking to buy bolting equipment to equip new routes or replace old bolts please take the following into consideration before placing any bolts:

  • Legality: Know who owns the land you are bolting ad make sure it is legal to place bolts there.
  • Local Climbing Consensus: Know what the local climbing community has decided about bolting. Find out from locals what plans they have regarding placing, chopping or replacing bolts before toy bolt
  • Learn how to Properly Place Bolts: When bolting you are installing permanent protection that you and others will be trusting your lives to. Learn how to place bolts from someone who is experienced, or at least do the research and practice before putting up a new route!
  • If you are replacing old or bad bolts, thank you! Please remember to check with locals, the first ascensionist and local regulations first. Check out the ethics section of the ASCA site here:

You can find more information about bolting at the American Safe Climbing Association website: