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DMM - Phantom Carabiner

DMM - Phantom Carabiner

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The Phantom is not only the lightest carabiner in the world, but we have also kept it large enough to be functional and made it super safe with 3 sigma 24kN gate closed and 9kN gate open strengths.


  • The Phantom moves I beam technology to the next level by using a new alloy and a new gate material that shaves off the extra grams whilst allowing us to maintain strengths.
  • All the standard DMM characteristics are present: customized wire gate that pulls into the nose under load, rope groove, anodized finish, and shrouded nose.


  • Product Weight: 26g
  • Colour: Silver/BLT
  • Strength (Gate-Closed): 24kn
  • Strength (Gate-Open): 9kn
  • Strength (Minor-Axis): 8kn
  • Gate Opening: 20mm
  • Rope Bearing Surface Width: 9.0mm