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DMM - Rebel Ice Tool

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The Rebel uses DMM's expertise in hot forging to create a light well balanced technical ice tool. Perfect for waterfall ice and more than capable of hard mixed routes if Nick Bullocks ascent of Travesty (IX/9) in North Wales is anything to go by. The Rebel and Anarchist are the only axes in the world that are hot forged and the reasons why these axes work so well is best described in the way DMM manufactures them. In hot forging the shaft we have to wind the forging presses up to 800 tonnes of pressure, to flow the aluminum into the unique signature I Beam structure. This allows DMM to distribute the weight and strength to make a perfectly balanced tool and add features like the clipper leash eye. DMM also hot forges the (Type B) Hedgehog topped pick from EN24 steel, a process which allows the intricate design this top end axe demands improving strength and ice penetration. The hammer and adze are investment cast allowing DMM to make this very intricate 3D design which keeps weight to a minimum and strength to a premium. The dual compound handles and adjustable trigger fingers are injection molded which allows DMM to create an ergonomic handle that improves precision, comfort and support minimizing pump and maximizing enjoyment. Note, although the Rebel doesn't come with leashes, DMM designed a specific leash that clips into the eye on the shaft.